BOSS Personal Planner Review – The Best Planning Notebook of 2019

All About the BOSS Personal Planner…

Table of Contents

  1. The Problem
  2. What is it
  3. First Impression
  4. Why is it Better?
  5. How it is Broken Up
    1. Plan For Success
    2. Habit Tracker & Reading List
    3. Eisenhower Matrix
    4. Monthly Calendar Planner
    5. Priority Planner
    6. Weekly Breakdown
    7. Weekly Planner
    8. Daily Planner
  6. Features
  7. Final Thoughts

The Problem

Being productive can be extremely difficult, especially as a lifestyle. Maybe you find yourself with not enough time. You tend to procrastinate which piles on to not having enough time. Time is the one thing we can never get back, once you waste it, it’s gone. Deadlines will come and you’ll miss them when you don’t take advantage of the time you’re given.

Or, you don’t have clear long and/or short term goals or a plan to achieve them. In a Harvard study on goals, the 3% of the class that had BOTH written goals and a plan, were making 10 times as much as the rest of the 97% of the class.

Sometimes it’s as simple as not having enough money. Maybe you want to be more successful and earn more money. That is a common problem for lots of people. The great thing is these problems are easily fixable. We’re going to look at a tool to help solve these problems, read the BOSS Personal Planner review below.

What is it?

The BOSS Personal Planner is a productivity system disguised as a personal planner. It allows you to plan all your goals from the large 5 year and lifetime goals, all the way down to weekly and daily.

You can pick between either 3 or 6 month planners which include monthly, weekly, daily sections, and more. Unlike many personal planners on the market, the BOSS Personal Planner offers tools and a roadmap for success.

The entire planner works together as one big system to plan your goals. You start like you’re a plane in the sky and can see the land for hundreds of miles all the way down to being a soldier on the ground seeing every small little detail.

It is described to work on a 3 goal system or “The Power of 3”. Basically, for each period of the planner, you pick 3 main goals to work on. There is definitely some proven science behind this method so it’s a great way to build the system.

First Impression

So taking a look at the BOSS Personal Planner is impressive. They offer 4 different versions, 2 different sized spiral bound versions and 2 different sized PU leather.

The quality is great. They feel like very solid planners. They used 100 gsm paper which is a nice thick paper that should prevent bleeding from most pens.

The A4 versions are pretty big. They are called their “Ultimate” planners and feature 6 months of planning. One of the big benefits with that is you get some nice bang for your buck. Most companies offer 3 month planners.

Something to think about, companies that offer 12-month planners may have the 12-month planner, but they skimp on a lot of the features and planning space. From the size, you can see the BOSS Personal Planner does not do this.

There is also a smaller A5 version called the “Compact” version. This is similar size to many planners out there that I’ve tried. Again, this is offered in the PU leather or their spiral bound version.

The spiral bound versions have a pretty cool lion image design with the motivational text, “Work Smarter”. That is pretty cool and it gives you that “Boss” motivational feeling.

Why is it better?

There are a lot of planners out there, for the most part, they are all different and the BOSS Personal Planner is no exception. The planner is clearly broken up into a straight-forward system to setting and planning goals.

It provides an excellent roadmap that allows you to work 1 step at a time and make sure you get to where you want. It’s like you’re crossing a river and jumping from rock to rock. Each rock is a different planning step and if you take your time and jump one rock at a time, you’ll reach the other side.

It’s a unique system that is quite effective. As mentioned before, the planner bases itself on setting 3 main goals for each section. Basically, for any given time period, you set 3 goals that you want to accomplish. Research has shown that the rule of 3 is a powerful productivity hack.

How it is broken up

The BOSS Personal Planner is broken up into a specific system with an order in mind. Each section leads into the next so you can build momentum for the next part.

While doing our BOSS Personal Planner review we really noticed and liked that about the planner. It makes it easy to set up the entire thing. You can set your goals and build a plan quick and easily. In the next section, we’ll go over each section that makes that possible.

Plan for Success

This is where you plan the big picture. This is one of the awesome and unique features of the BOSS Personal Planner.

It has 3 different timeframes, life, 5 years, and 3 months. This gives you nice “stepping blocks” to start breaking down your goals. It’s hard to plan goals if you don’t know the long term. What do you want out of life? in 5 years? in 3 months. It is important that they all work together.

Then, the goal sections are broken down into several different categories.

  • Career
  • Bucket list
  • Financial
  • Family/social
  • Personal

These categories give you a nice broad look at your entire life. All of them are important aspects are your life that needs structure. You should have something for all of them to improve your life.

This isn’t something you typically see in personal planners but it’s such an important aspect and a great feature have. Next, in our BOSS Personal Planner review, we’ll take a look at 2 more awesome tools.

Habit Tracker & Reading List

This section is really simple but extremely important.

First, we’ll talk about the reading list. It is available on their larger, A4 version. It basically just lets you keep track of all the books you’ve read during the duration of the planner. This simple tool is a great way to motivate you to read and add more books.

The next section has a lot of power, it is the habit tracker. This is one tool people who use it always love so it makes sense they added it.

Basically, you have room to write down the habits you want to work on and you can monitor them over 30 days. Each day you mark that day in the relevant box.

The power of the visual and want to stay consistent will be a huge motivating factor for you. Using highlighters works best and you can color coordinate them to make it easier to follow.

With our BOSS Personal Planner review, we love the start we’re off to. The first couple of tools already provide a ton of value.

Eisenhower Matrix

The BOSS Personal Planner is definitely filled with some great tools. Here is another one we don’t usually see, the Eisenhower Matrix.

If you’re not familiar with the Eisenhower Matrix, we go over it really quick. Basically, it is a broad tool to organize tasks and activities you have. It really helps with prioritizing and delegating each one.

The tool is broken up into 4 quadrants. You have the following:

  • Urgent & important
  • Not urgent & important
  • Urgent & not important
  • Not urgent & not important

It’s pretty straight-forward, you write down your tasks in the relevant quadrant. It is important to be honest with the tasks, thats the key to this tool.

Quadrant one, urgent and important, are the tasks you need to complete right away. You should schedule those to be done first.

Quadrant two, not urgent and important, are tasks that are important but don’t need to be done right now. You’ll want to make sure to schedule these tasks to be completed when you have the time to do so.

The third quadrant, urgent and not important, are things you should delegate. They need to be done now but aren’t very important. So find someone you can have do them for you.

The final quadrant is not urgent and not important. These are tasks you should cross off your lists and not worry about. You won’t be able to do everything so these are the tasks to get rid of.

As you can see, this tool is super easy to use but is great for planning your tasks and delegating.

Monthly Calendar Planner

Next we move on to the monthly calendar planner. This section is pretty straight-forward and similar to the calendars of many other planners.

It is an important step to their system though. With the “Plan for Success” section, you’re mostly setting up your longterm goals, everything that would be “above” the monthly section.

They set it up as a 5 week undated calendar. This is nice because it doesn’t lock up into a certain period to use the planner.

The calendar also has areas to review last months wins and things to improve on.

Then you can set goals and rewards for the current month. A big aspect of the BOSS Personal Planner is goal setting so this is a nice addition.

Lastly, there is an area for notes. It’s always nice to have sections for extra stuff you may have that the planner isn’t set up for.

The next section for the BOSS Personal Planner review is the weekly section.

Priority Planner

Before we get into the actual weekly section, they’ve inserted a nice little tool before. It is the priority planner.

The priority planner plays into the Eisenhower Matrix but going a step further. Here you write down your tasks or projects and determine their priority.

You can use a numerical system of your choosing, they don’t specify one. Common systems would probably be 1 to 5 or 1 to 10.

So you once you have your task and assign a priority level to it, you can determine who is to do it. Whether it is you, or someone else, you can keep track of the task and its competition.

Weekly Breakdown

The weekly section of the BOSS Personal Planner is broken up into 2 section. The first section is the weekly breakdown.

This is where you can write down a brief overview of each week for the duration of the planner.

What is nice with this is it gives you the ability to take some from the priority planner and Eisenhower Matrix and spread it out week by week. This is especially helpful for those quadrant 2 tasks.

You probably don’t have to fill out every week in this section at once, you can just do a few weeks in advance and come back when it’s time to plan further.

It’s nice to be able to figure out a broad outline and put 3 tasks per week to see where that puts you. It definitely leads into the second part of the weekly section nicely.

Weekly Planner

Next we have the full weekly planner. This is where the week gets broken down into days with a couple of extra sections.

Obviously the main part of the weekly planner is each day. Here is a great spot to put 3 tasks per day, what are the 3 big goals you want to accomplish. Your entire week should allow you to complete the 3 goals for the week that you set in the breakdown section.

Along with the daily planning, there are some spots for reflection in this section. You can reflect on last weeks wins along with setting some goals for this week.

Just like the monthly section, they included the goals here because it’s part of the core of their strategy. Using the power of 3 and setting 3 goals per period.

Daily Planner

Now we move onto the meat and potatoes of the BOSS Personal Planner. The daily section.

Just to note, they include another priority planner before the daily section. It’s nice to have more room for priority planning or to refresh on what you have to do.

Their daily planning section gives you a lot to work with which is awesome. The first part is an area with the day and date to fill in, you can add some daily affirmations along with a habit you want to work on that day.

These are small pieces that are a nice touch. Daily affirmation seems to be a popular section with other planners so it makes sense they added it. The habit part is nice too because if there are habits you’re working, it’s a good reminder every day to write it down.

The next section would be the big part, your goals. The set it up so you put your 3 big goals and then there is room for 3 extra goals. I like this because there system is 3 goals per section but this gives you something more to aim for. Some successful people who use similar systems suggest 3 to 6 goals a day so this is fitting.

With the goals, there is room where you’re suppose to also add a plan for the goal. So first you write the goal down and then you can put a few sentences or bullets to outline what you need for that goal.

That is huge. Most planners just have you write a goal and that’s it. And that is ok sometimes, for your big goals there is no problem with that. But I think for the daily goal, that little bit of extra detail is a huge help.

Next you have an hourly schedule. I like this but I think some people might prefer a 30 minute interval on the schedule. It’s still nice to have the hourly scheduler to put some structure in your day and figure out when to do what.

Under that, they have a small section for exercise. This is always nice, being physically healthy is important for everyone so I like that they included this. Not wanting to leave it blank will help people do something.

On the next page you have what I think is an excellent feature, a large note section. Most planners only have a small area for taking notes every day, this leads you to need a secondary notebook for notes.

The BOSS Personal Planner has a large section for notes, it’s probably 80% of the 2nd page. So there is plenty of room to write your notes or doodle.


We’ve already gone over all the page features and how the planner is set up. There are some small features incorporated that I wanted to go over.

One of the nice features is a pen holder. Most of the planners I have used in the past did not have this feature and it’s not the end of the world but having it is a nice touch.

It also has a pocket in the back. This is great for people who like to use stickers or sticky notes, or if you just want a pocket to put loose pieces of paper.

Another feature that it shares with other planners is a strap to hold the planner closed. Many planners have this and I feel like it is a necessity, without it, it would have been lacking.

The PU leather versions of the planner include 3 colored ribbon bookmarks. It’s great to see 3 included and nice that each one is a different color. Perfect for bookmarking the monthly, weekly, and daily section separately.

Lastly, there is a section of note paper in the back. They used dotted note paper which is really nice because it’s not invasive but it can give you structure if you like that. The BOSS Personal Planner definitely has plenty of room for notes which is nice so you don’t need an additional notebook.

BOSS Personal Planner Review Final Thoughts

So wrapping up the BOSS Personal Planner review, we’ll end it with a quick summary. For motivated goal setting people, this is a great planner. You get a lot for your money and their system seems solid.

Some things we would like to see different would be more variations with cover designs and colors. Right now they only have the 2 kinds.

Other than that, it looks awesome and definitely think it is a competitor for what is currently on the market.

And that concludes our BOSS Personal Planner review. They are live on Kickstarter right now, you check it out here.

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BOSS Personal Planner review