9 Amazon Hacks That Will Save You a Ton of Money

9 Brilliant Amazon Hacks

If you’re addicted to Amazon, you should definitely know the most amazing Amazon Hacks. Not only will they help you get money for your hard-earned cash, but they’ll also make your shopping experience a lot simpler. Read on to learn some of the best Amazon hacks:

1. Save money with Amazon coupons

Before you start your shopping journey, check out the Amazon Coupons section. You’ll find tons of deals on almost everything each day. Just browse through all the things that have great coupons available and choose what you need. If you’re prone to impulse shopping, it’s best to find an item you need and see if it has a coupon available.

2. Find astonishing deals in the Amazon Outlet section

Buying the items that are out of season is always a great deal. If you need something seasonal, find it in the Amazon Outlet section to buy it offseason. The prices are usually cut in half, albeit you can find better deals if you search well. The Amazon Outlet section also contains items that are outdated and have new models/versions. The excess supply also ends up in the Amazon Outlet section at a discounted price.

3. Subscribe and Save

Apart from adding coupons to the products, Subscribe and Save deals allow you to set a delivery schedule for many products you need regularly. Just set the frequency you want to receive those products and Amazon will send them automatically. This way, you’ll save time and get great discounts at the same time.

4. Try Price Drop Refunds

Prices change every minute so sometimes it’s hard to get what you need at a reduced price. Amazon takes care of the loyal customers by refunding the difference of the purchases if the prices change over 7 days following those purchases. However, it works only for products that Amazon sells and ships. The third-party purchases don’t count.

5. Consider Amazon Warehouse

Even though Amazon Warehouse is limited to refurbished or open box items, you can find plenty of useful things and some astonishing discounts here. The products get returned for different reasons so it doesn’t mean that all the items in the Amazon Warehouse section are horrible. This section is worth checking.

6. Amazon Baby Registry

When you’re going to become a parent – especially for the first time – there are tons of things you need to buy. Amazon Baby Registry is an excellent way to ease this burden. Amazon Baby Registry allows your family members and friends to see your list of the things you need for your baby. When those things are bought, they are marked as purchased. Once your registry closes, you can buy the remaining things at a 15% discount.

7. Enjoy Amazon Prime Student

Students with the .edu emails, you can take advantage of Amazon Prime Student. Similar to Amazon Prime, Amazon Prime Student will give you a free access to Amazon for 6 months. This will include a free streaming of music, video, and TV shows, as well as free 2-day shipping.

8. Explore Late Delivery Policy

As a Prime member, you can use this Amazon hack to save some pretty money. In case any of your deliveries are late, there’s a chance for you to get a whole month of Prime for free due to the Guaranteed Accelerated Delivery policy. All you need to do is just file your claim and report your issue by going to Your Orders and hitting File/View Claim.

9. Get Gift Cards with Trade-in

Amazon Trade-in program lets you get gift cards for trading in old stuff. You can send it in for free and they’ll examine the stuff and let you know within 2 days if they’ll accept it. They give you an idea of what you’ll get before you send it in. Electronics, video games and movies are popular items with the trade-in program.

9 Amazon Hacks That Will Save You a Ton of Money Final Thoughts

Did you know any of these Amazon hacks? Is there any hack that wasn’t mentioned on the list? Let’s us know in the comments. These Amazon hacks will save you tons of money with your online shopping. They are so easy to take advantage of them there is no reason not to use them.


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