8 Amazing Tips to Save Money in Your Dorm

8 Money Saving Dorm Tips

Dorm living can be money-draining if you’re not careful. When you’re away from home, you want to enjoy an independent life, but end up and living on a highly strict budget that doesn’t include any entertainment expense. Enjoy your life at college with these amazing money saving dorm tips.

1. Don’t go overboard with dorm decorating

Sure, you want your room to look like the one you have at home, but it doesn’t mean you should splurge tons of cash on decorations. Improve your DIY’ing skills by making some cheap decorations. You can find a lot of ideas on Instagram or Pinterest.

2. Make yourself a budget

The majority of college students spend their weekly money in a day or two and then end up living a life full of hunger pangs and miserable life. Create your budget and stick to it. This way, you’ll know how much you need to pay the bills, buy food, and spend on textbooks. If some cash is left, don’t spend it. Save it for the hardest times.

3. Sell the things you don’t need

Be it a textbook, or a dress, or a piece of furniture that you don’t need, sell it. You will have some extra money and declutter your room at the same time. Selling things on eBay is a great way to free up money, you can read more about that here.

4. Plan and cook your meals

Although planning and cooking your meals might be the two last things you want to do in the dorm, you can start eating healthier and save a decent amount of cash in a month. There are plenty of quick and healthy recipes online, so get creative. The same goes for lunches and snacks; consider packing your own ones.

5. Choose the right dorm room

Many students miss this factor, but the price varies wildly, depending on a dorm room you choose. For example, you can pay more cash for a dorm room in a new building and less for a dorm room in an old building. Plus, it depends on occupancy. If you want to live alone in a private room, be ready to pay a heap of money. Living with a roommate can help you cut the dorm living costs.

6. Consider becoming a Resident Assistant

Not all dorms have this option, but if yours does, consider becoming a resident assistant. You’ll just need to oversee several dormitories. This way, you’ll get your board and room for free. Unfortunately, it’s extremely hard to get this job. You’ll need to participate in most campus activities, keep your grades up, and meet some other requirements.

7. Buy a printer

Investing in a printer can help you have extra money and save on printed materials needed for classes. Printing is pricey, and chances are other students living in the dorm may need printed materials for classes. If you can buy a printer, don’t hesitate. You’ll earn more than you spent over time. You can hop on Amazon and find several quality printers for $45-$50, and if you’re a student you get a discount on Prime.

8. DIY projects

What better place to talk about dorm DIY projects that Pinterest. There are so many different projects you can do on your own that have huge benefits width low costs. Before doing anything with your dorm room, be sure to check out Pinterest and see what you can do on your own. You’ll save money and have a sense of accomplishment by doing it yourself.

8 Amazing Tips to Save Money in Your Dorm Final Thoughts

Cutting dorm costs is one of the trickiest tasks that most college students fail to tackle. The aforementioned tips will help you reduce your student loan and make extra money for entertainment or retirement. Hopefully you can benefit from these tips to save money in your dorm and if want more ways to save money in college, check out this article as well.

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