Best Personal Finance Software for Macs

Best Personal Finance Software for Macs

Personal finance software has become an effective way to manage the cash flow over the years. Budgeting is the most important task in both business and personal lives and when you have Mac, this task is a lot easier to do. For helping the personal finance management and entrepreneurship, here are some of the best personal finance software for Macs worth using.

1. Banktivity 6: Personal Finance

Formerly known as iBank, Banktivity is one of the best personal finance software available for Macs in Apple Store. This software is perfect for those who are looking to manage the personal finance and track transactions, without all those complicated accounting software. Although Banktivity isn’t free, it allows you to connect a lot more credit card accounts and banks than the similar free software.

It can sync data with iPad and iPhone apps and support multiple currencies. Banktivity has a 30-day free trial, but then be ready to pay $64.99 for it. The biggest per and con of this software is that it’s only available for those who own Macs.

2. Moneydance

Jam-packed with a growing number of the features, Moneydance helps to manage your finances without any specific skills. The software manages transactions in various currencies and can easily download your banking information in a single click. Additionally, Moneydance is probably the best choice for people who make frequent investments and need software to follow them. There are many detailed tutorials for using this program, so you’re less likely to have any trouble managing your personal finances. It offers a free trial but costs $49.99.

3. Moneyspire

Get all your transactions and balances in one place with Moneyspire. This software allows you to see where your cash is going each month and reminds you when to pay the bills so you never have to pay the fees. Plus, Moneyspire gives you an opportunity to set your weekly/monthly budget and stick to it. The software features balance forecasts, which help to prevent bounced payments and overdrafts. It’s customizable and allows you to quickly move from your current personal finance software thanks to its advanced importing options. You can have an unlimited number of accounts and account types. There’s a free trial with a total cost of $39.99.

4. Quicken Personal Finance Software

One of the most frequently used personal finance software for Macs, Quicken can become your best financial manager. The dashboard of this software is easy to navigate and the reporting option is great. With Quicken, you won’t have problems with importing data from credit card accounts and bank accounts. The perk of the program is that it helps to create a plan to maximize your investments or pay down debts. There’s an option of billing PDF downloads and a quick access to more than 11,000 online billers. There are three purchase options starting at $34.99 per year.

Best Personal Finance Software for Macs Final Thoughts

Having a personal financial management tool is like having a professional accountant at hand. Each of these Mac-friendly personal finance software is worth money as they’re highly efficient and helpful. There are many more out there and I will continue to try others and update you with my thoughts.